Help for leaders during the corona lockdown

When change comes quickly, we are all challenged. The brain is ultra-alert, stress rises, and happiness goes down dramatically – and in the wake of this, the same will happen to our productivity.
We would like to help you with this.

You must break this spiral – the sooner the better – in order to avoid new negative patterns becoming a habit. The brain loves patterns – and you must create positive patterns that create happiness and productivity for you and your team.

The emergency aid package consists of 2 aid packages:

  • A basic package with tools and leadership learning and with perspectives on what you can do during the lockdown period.
  • Call a friend. Get help to what you can do about your biggest challenge or concern. Book a free piece of advice.

Understand your employees

The prerequisite for making a positive influence on your employees and having them follow you is to understand them better than they understand themselves, and act on it.

Below you will find 3 interesting perspectives and action plans on human mechanisms that you can reflect on.

Green & Black Track

This video will give you insight into the connection between thoughts, feelings, behavior, and results. Be inspired on how to bring yourself into a state where you have the most optimal impact on your employees

SCARF - The Brain’s Threat System 

Which chemical systems affect our emotional state? Our thoughts and feelings?

EDSO - Good Chemistry in the Brain 

How do you avoid activating other people’s threat system?

Get structured

An effective method to create security in an unsafe situation is to create a good recurring structure. Watch these 3 interesting perspectives on what you can focus on to create the best structure for your current situation.

3 Strategic Elements - Create Coherence to the Strategy

How can you create cohesion and holistic understanding in your team?

Prioritizing: Urgent / Important

How do you ensure that your team has a clear understanding of your priorities and your de-selections?

Prioritizing: Planned / Completed 

How can you as a leader follow up on your team in a way that creates pride, joy, learning, and progress?

Identify the core task

In times of crisis, it is crucial that you as a leader focus sharply on your team’s core mission and find new ways of accomplishing it.

Below you will find 3 tools to help you focus on the future, and hereby ensure that your team creates maximum value while conditions are changed.

Circle of Influence 

How do you increase your drive, influence and impact by focusing on where you can make a difference? 

Tuning Fork - Planning of Efforts 

How do you plan for future results by focusing on what lies behind the results?

Desire - Value - Prioritize Time the Right Way

What do you do as a leader to ensure optimal prioritization of your own and your employee’s time?

Make your team grow

Strong teams can grow and perform even in difficult times. The desire to create common impressive results is the driver. And this is where your leadership of the team becomes crucial. Get insights and tools to work with your team and keep momentum.

Team development

How do you make room for a dialogue about what stage your team is on in the journey of becoming a high performing team? The team development model can be used as a dialogue tool in a team to discuss which efforts are needed to increase and develop the coherence and efficiency of the team.

What Characterizes strong teams?

How can you overcome dysfunctionality in your team? A simple and easy-to-understand model can help you uncover good and bad team behavior, enabling the team to accomplish more in less time.

Understand behavior and personality types

How can you improve your understanding of your employees’ behavior? With the knowledge of the different personal profiles in the team, you can strengthen your leadership and improve collaboration and communication in your team.

Target Your Communication

The degree of ownership of – and commitment to – what you must deal with and execute on, stands or falls with your communication skills. With clear messages and engaging dialogues, you can have a positive impact on your team’s happiness, productivity, and results. Below you will find 3 tools and perspectives on how to succeed with your communication.

Communications steps

How can you meet people at eye level and make an impact with your messages?

What-Why-How - Sustainable Communication

How can you create messages and dialogues that are meaningful and motivating?

Island Mindset - Create Common Understanding

How can you build trust and accelerate the path to common understanding?


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