Culture, leadership, & sales

Chances are you’ve landed on this page because you feel challenged in at least one of these three areas. You may also feel a bit uncertain as to which of these areas constitute the biggest problem. The simple explanation is that they are closely linked.

You cannot build a culture without impacting leadership and sales – and you can’t develop leadership or sales without impacting the culture. This is our philosophy, and we have the surveys to back it up. We believe in this philosophy so strongly that we have based our entire method on it. And we feel so confident about it that we use the same method, regardless of whether focus is on company culture, leadership, or sales.

Where do you need to improve?

Culture is behavior

Culture is about thoughts.How we think, feel and act – in short: our behavior. That’s why culture is the fundamental prerequisite for a company’s short and long-term performance and success.

When strategies fail, the corporate culture is to blame in 75% of the cases. The strategy is new, but the behavior remains the same. Changing and maintaining a strong culture takes perseverance and hard work, because the force of habit is great and because we humans have an innate resistance to change.

The group mentality which lies at the root of our collective behavior is under constant pressure to move in the wrong direction. Especially during change, this mindset often creates a negative pattern which can quickly change the culture from working towards our goals to becoming an obstacle to achieving them. And all of this directly impacts productivity, happiness, and bottom line.

We have documented the connection between culture and results. Whether a culture improves or deteriorates shows on the future bottom line. This is because today’s actions have long-term effects.

We analyze and transform both the mindset and the behavior of your organization to boost your bottom line.

Spotlight on leadership

There is only one way to create a strong culture: good leadership. And let’s be clear: Managers have never been under so much pressure. We know because we work with managers every single day.

Things are changing so fast it’s hard to keep up.
And managing yourself during change is hard enough without the extra demand of having to find the energy, skills, and time to motivate others as well. The easiest response is therefore to just stick with what you know – to focus on operations instead of people. Unfortunately, the easiest approach is rarely the best approach.

Strategies fail due to a lack of good leadership.
We have the method and the tools to enable managers to succeed with the strategy and changes and to ensure everyone feels great in the process. We want to help you focus on leadership.

Developing managers is the one investment that ensures the highest ROI. This is because it takes great leadership to create a great culture – and research shows that a strong and healthy corporate culture will increase your bottom line fivefold

Boosting sales power

The world of sales is evolving so fast that just thinking about it can leave you breathless. New technology, new purchasing patterns, transparency, and new types of client partnerships are just some of things you need to deal with in sales.

Today compared to previously, sales become part of the purchasing process at a much later point. And this places new demands on how to work in sales. But it also adds all-new dimensions to the sales process. What improvements can we make to our efforts throughout the customer journey that will have the strongest impact? And how do we update the mindset and behavior of our sales reps and the rest of the organization?

We collaborate with 70 researchers worldwide in the area of sales. They have their ears to the ground and stay updated of the latest sales trends. And they have a lot of interesting things to share!

What still works and what is dead? What is the outlook for the coming years? We can help you enable sales, and we can train every level of your sales organization

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