MAy 13th from 1.00-2.00 PM (CET)

Webinar: How to Drive Profits with segmentation

Today up to 80% of the customers buying journey are done by buyers without interacting with a salesperson. Only a few years ago that number were 60%. These facts do not come as a surprise for most in sales. However, many sales organizations struggle with how to succeed with their segmentation. You wish to spend your sales time with the people who are really interested in buying instead of wasting expensive time on those not ready to buy. Obviously, this would be very damaging to your profitability.

At this webinar we invite one of Europe’s shooting stars within sales research, Bert Baesbrugghe, to talk to us about how to drive profits with segmentation strategies that are science backed and yet unknown to most salespeople. 

Topics of the Webinar

  • Why is it so hard to get meetings with customers? 
  • How salespeople can increase sales by visiting customers less?
  • How can you improve your segmentation model to increase sales profits?
  • Easy steps to implement new ways of segmenting


Who is Prof. Dr. Bert Paesbrugghe?

Bert Paesbrugghe is a professor of sales management at IÉSEG School of Management in Paris and a visiting professor at Ghent University and Copenhagen Business School. He holds a PhD in Business Economics from Ghent University and Vlerick Business School, and his research focuses on buyer-seller relationships in industrial contexts. Bert has published his papers in different journals, such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Journal of Retailing and Consumer services, and in the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management. More recently, he won the first prize at the 20th American Marketing Association (AMA) Sales SIG doctoral dissertation award. Additionally, Bert is often invited as a keynote speaker for academics and practitioners and consults B2B companies.

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Rasmus Åradsson

Partner, Intenz

Bert Paesbrugghe

Professor of sales management at IÉSEG School of Management in Paris

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