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VIRTUAL Sales & marketing SUMMIT 2020

Welcome to the summit

Henrik Carentius, Nordlid, & Mads Winther, Intenz

We can only learn from the best. We welcome you to the first virtual sales and marketing summit in Scandinavia. We have been forced to change by the situation – but now we can benefit from these changes. Henrik and Mads will give you perspectives seen from marketing and sales – and prepare you to receive and act on the valuable input you will get during the day.

Innovation or not – how to judge

Stefan K. Sløk-Madsen

We are always discussing about innovation. We often think innovation is revolution and make right or wrong. Maybe it is not? How can we learn and make faster decision “to quit while you are ahead” or “escalation of commitment”. Sales and marketing are heavily involved in innovation. But at the same time they often stop execution of innovation. 

Value creation and sales philosophy

Karina Burgdorff Jensen (Intro by Henrik Carentius, Nordlid)

We all talk about value creation in selling. But are we aware of the demand of defining and implementing the right mindset, competencies and tools ? Shortly how did we work consciously with our sales philosophy and align it with our approach in sales. Karina already showed the effect on results to do this. Get inspired how to take sales philosophy into your organization.

The sales man as the co-creator

Regis Lemmens (Intro by Mads Winther, Intenz)

Co-creation is not something new. But it still has not really been implemented in many sales organisations. But why? Regis has with his work shown how companies implementing co-creation can make better results. He will take you through a powerful explanation of co-creation and sales and give you valuable insights and tools to start the journey of co-creation in your way of selling.

The Context Marketing Revolution

Mathew Sweezey (Intro by Henrik Carentius, Nordlid)

With his book The Context Marketing Revolution Mathew changed our perspective of marketing. We have to market before designing and building. This takes the way marketing and sales co-create internally and externally to next level. Marketing is no longer how to convince people to buy your products, it’s how you work with them to accomplish both of your goals. You will get inspired to start this joint journey from both marketing and sales.

Challenger Sales – how can a challenger be relevant and create value?

Matt Dixon (Intro by Mads Winther, Intenz)

It is already proved that a challenger can create great sales revenue and results. How can the Challenger fit into a world of partnering and co-creation? 

Matt Dixon and his team probably already saw some of the characteristics in the Challenger – but what are we looking for and how can your sales team develop the right challenger attitude?

Masterclass Sales

If you want to go a step further, we have an online masterclass session – or actually 3 sessions – coming up.

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