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We create organizations worth investing in. For customers, partners, and employees. For people.

When strategy is to be transformed into results, it happens through behavior. The good strategy is indeed worthless without behavior that supports it. At Intenz, we help you develop the right strategy and ensure that it is achieved through behavioral changes in the organization. Naturally, with people in mind.


We are specialists in leadership, culture, and sales — and in creating behavior that transforms organizations

Leadership & Culture

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Leadership and culture are the starting points for well-functioning organizations with high execution power and high engagement. Through leadership and culture, you show the way for the behavior that is crucial for succeeding in transforming strategy into results.
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Sales is not just about the individual salesperson. It's about the entire commercial approach in the organization. We help you identify the most ideal sales method and develop the sales force of the future, so you can streamline your sales.
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How we work


We begin by establishing a shared understanding of the current situation to ensure we have a clear picture of the starting point. This can be achieved through methods such as interviews, behavioral assessments, culture surveys, personality profiles, or a study of your sales process.


Once the starting point is established, we help you design the changes necessary to achieve your goals. This phase involves the creation of concrete solutions and the development of tangible tools that are essential for reaching your objectives.


A sound strategy is of no value without the behavior to implement it effectively. Through close collaboration, we ensure that all relevant levels of the organization possess the necessary skills to successfully realize the change. This might involve workshops, sparring, and training


We understand that change can be challenging and that new habits often fade, sometimes without us even realizing it. That's why we assist you in anchoring your new knowledge, tools, and habits. Through the use of tools, sparring, and measurements, we ensure you remain consistent, even in a hectic daily routine.

We bridge strategy and people. Because the strategy takes you towards the goal, but it's the people who make the difference if you want to get all the way there. And to the finish line — you'll get there when we assist you through close collaborations and development programs.

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Behavior is the bridge between strategy and results. Do we build this bridge together?