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How to get sales and marketing rebooted after a damaging lockdown.

Join in for the biggest virtual sales & marketing summit in Scandinavia with international top speakers and international sales researchers.


Welcome to Denmark's first virtual all-day sales and marketing conference

We have gathered a number of the best international experts to inspire you on how to keep on track and get back into the market after a damaging lockdown. Together with some of the world’s leading speakers, we will focus on how sales enablement can bring sales and marketing together and create momentum. We explore how you with the right connection between sales strategy and sales structure can create the best organization to against all odds continue success in the relation with your customers.

  • What is more than ever before needed to get us back on track as soon as possible?
  • What to keep, what to skip and what to extend?
  • What elements do we need to add to run an integrated sales and marketing department now and in this unsecure future?

Register and let our featured speakers give you some of the answers that will keep you going – through and beyond the corona lockdown

Featured speakers

Best selling authors, award winning researchers and keynote speakers 

Matt Dixon

Bestseller author – The Challenger Sales

Regis Lemmens

The Co-creator – PhD in Sales Management

Stefan Sløk

Expert on strategic sales and value creation

Karina Burgdorff

Researches in sales dialogues and Sales Enablement

Matthew Sweezey

Marketing Futurist – Director of Market Strategy Salesforce – Publised by Harvard Business Press

What to expect

Be inspired by the world’s leading within sales and marketing

Sell more faster and better

In a rapidly changing world, customer choices have never been as numerous as right now. This means that we must think new and differently. We need to create more together with the customer if we want to differentiate ourselves from the competitors. It calls for partnership and co-creation.


Be relevant to your customers and earn their loyalty

Loyalty is a thing of the past. Customers do not want a best friend. They want a valuable partner. The relationship is created through many satisfying experiences. Therefore, we must be extraordinarily relevant and value-adding in the sales work. We must meet the customer at the right moment in the customer journey and meet them precisely.


All sessions will be recorded and available to registrants on-demand after the event

10.00 – 10.30 AM

Welcome to the summit

Henrik Carentius, Nordlid, & Mads Winther, Intenz

We can only learn from the best. We welcome you to the first virtual sales and marketing summit in Scandinavia. We have been forced to change by the situation – but now we can benefit from these changes. Henrik and Mads will give you perspectives seen from marketing and sales – and prepare you to receive and act on the valuable input you will get during the day.

10.30 – 11.15 AM

Innovation or not – how to judge

Stefan K. Sløk-Madsen

We are always discussing about innovation. We often think innovation is revolution and make right or wrong. Maybe it is not? How can we learn and make faster decision “to quit while you are ahead” or “escalation of commitment”. Sales and marketing are heavily involved in innovation. But at the same time they often stop execution of innovation. 

11.30 AM– 12.15 PM

Value creation and sales philosophy

Karina Burgdorff Jensen

We all talk about value creation in selling. But are we aware of the demand of defining and implementing the right mindset, competencies and tools ? Shortly how did we work consciously with our sales philosophy and align it with our approach in sales. Karina already showed the effect on results to do this. Get inspired how to take sales philosophy into your organization.

01.00 – 01.45 PM

The sales man as the co-creator

Regis Lemmens

Co-creation is not something new. But it still has not really been implemented in many sales organisations. But why? Regis has with his work shown how companies implementing co-creation can make better results. He will take you through a powerful explanation of co-creation and sales and give you valuable insights and tools to start the journey of co-creation in your way of selling.

02.00 – 2.45 PM

The Context Marketing Revolution

Mathew Sweezey

With his book The Context Marketing Revolution Mathew changed our perspective of marketing. We have to market before designing and building. This takes the way marketing and sales co-create internally and externally to next level. Marketing is no longer how to convince people to buy your products, it’s how you work with them to accomplish both of your goals. You will get inspired to start this joint journey from both marketing and sales.

3.00 – 3.45 PM

Challenger Sales – how can a challenger be relevant and create value?

Matt Dixon

It is already proved that a challenger can create great sales revenue and results. How can the Challenger fit into a world of partnering and co-creation? 

Matt Dixon and his team probably already saw some of the characteristics in the Challenger – but what are we looking for and how can your sales team develop the right challenger attitude?


Mads w

Mads Winther 

Partner Intenz


Henrik Carentius

Partner Nordlid

Presented by:


Matt Dixon



 One of the world’s leading experts on sales, service and customer experience

Matt Dixon is the Chief Product & Research Officer of the Austin-based AI venture, Tethr.  Prior to his role with Tethr, he was the Global Head of Sales Force Effectiveness Solutions at Korn Ferry Hay Group and, before that, held numerous global leadership roles in research, product development and management for CEB, now Gartner.  An accomplished business researcher and writer, Matt is known for his frame-breaking and provocative work in the areas of sales, customer service and customer experience. He is the author of three Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestsellers—The Challenger Sale, The Effortless Experience and The Challenger Customer—and he is a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review with more than 20 print and online articles to his credit.  He is a sought-after speaker and advisor to management teams around world, having presented his findings and insights at a wide range of industry conferences as well as to hundreds of senior executive teams, including those of many Fortune 500 companies


Regis Lemmens



One of the world’s leading experts on sales management and Co-creation

Régis Lemmens is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University and a visiting professor of Sales and Sales Management at the Antwerp Management School. He graduated with a PhD in Sales Management from Robert Gordon University. He launched the research project called “Sales Management 2020” in 2010 in collaboration with Cranfield Business School. This lays the groundwork for the vision of the future and the evolution of sales and sales management. He is also the founder of Sales Cubes, a management consulting company specializing in sales performance management. The vision behind Sales Cubes is to operate as a bridge function between the academic and the commercial worlds.


Stefan K. Sløk-Madsen



Ph.D. in economics with internationally recognized research results

Stefan has previously worked within the management of several startups and in operational roles for several equity funds. Stefan holds a Ph.D. in economics with internationally recognized research results, a master’s degree in finance and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. His unique combination of heavy theoretical knowledge and practical commercial work enables him to understand and communicate market economics both practically and theoretically. Stefan is on the Board at the Value Creation Center at Aalborg University, and is an external lecturer in strategic sales, behavioral economics and experimental method at CBS.


Karina Burgdorff Jensen



Researches in sales dialogues

Karina works with and researches in sales dialogues, the goal of which is an empirical study of sales dialogues in practice, thereby formulating a supporting theoretical foundation. In addition, Karina works with analysis, development and implementation of sales processes in companies focusing on dialogues and branding.


Mathew Sweezey


Matthew Sweezey

Principal of Marketing Insights at and has a new book on the way from Harvard Business

Principal of Marketing Insights at, and recently wrote “Marketing Automation for Dummies”, which was published by Wiley. Over the years Mathew worked on some of the most forward thinking direct mail campaigns, changed the way the worlds largest brands use email, and been able to share and learn from some of the brightest minds in business. From the business side, Mathew is currently on his 3rd start-up of many to come. His personal belief in marketing is though better understanding, we can have better results. As his good friend Scott Armstrong says, “Better, Not Best”, and Mathew hold this line every day. Mathew is additionally opposed to the idea of “Growth Hacking” and believe those companies who understand marketing is not a department but a mindset are the ones who will succeed, not the ones who try to cheat the system. Mathew Sweezey writes and works on research about the Future of Marketing for Salesforce. If you want to read more of his writing, you can find him in Forbes, Marketing Pros, Clickz, and he has a new book on the way from Harvard Business.