Are you worth investing in for employees? customers? Owners? Partners?

We help you create the changes that make you worth investing in for customers, partners and employees.  For people.  

Because the future calls for more organizations that are worth our time, diligence, professionalism, ideas, energy, money and humanity.  

Organizations that dare to think innovatively and find new ways within culture, leadership and sales.  

It’s about bridging the gap between strategy and success – a bridge that is built through behavior.  

Are you ready to build that bridge?

Some of the companies we work with


From strategy to results – through behaviour

The good strategy is worth nothing without a behaviour backing it up.   

If you want to succeed in lasting change, you must start with behavior, actions, mindset, habits and leadership. With people. 

That’s where we enter into the picture.  

Results are about the right culture. The right mindset. And the right behavior. 

At Intenz, we help you develop the behavior, strengthen the mindset and fine-tune the skills that make the strategy produce results.  

We do this through close collaborations and development processes within leadership, culture and sales.  

What do our customers say?

Organizations worth investing in

You have ambitions. Big ambitions. 

We probably have that in common.  

You know that new strategies and actions are needed to bring about change.  
It’s all about behavior. 

Behavior is people. It’s culture, leadership and mindset.  

And your mindset is clear: 

You will not only reach your goals.  

You will reach them with people who thrive. People who are happy.

People who enjoy going to work contributing to something meaningful. 


Because the world needs more organizations that people want to invest themselves in. 

Behavior is the bridge between strategy and results. Do we build this bridge together?

How we work

Now we really wanted to write something about how we work.   

But we can’t.  

Every organization is unique. Each situation is unique. 

We don’t force you into a ‘concept’ or a ‘method’. 

But we have a wide range of tools gathered from different research fields such as behavioral design, change management, sales, productivity research and organizational strategy, as well as 20 years of experience and insight into the human psyche, which we make use of when helping companies reach their goals.  

And no doubt, we will reach the goal.  


The next step is yours

You want results. 

But will you also do what it takes to reach them? 

We don’t create sustainable change with a two-hour workshop – but it can be a good start. 

Are you ready to take the next step towards becoming an organization worth investing in?