A Nordic consultancy with a passion for organizational development

Businesses are basically people – and practically all business activities are based on human behavior.

This is the perspective on organizational development that you will meet when you choose to work with Intenz. We don’t just focus on optimizing the performance of organizations. We believe it’s just as important to intensify human behavior.

Mission + Vision + Values

As a client, supplier and employee, you will experience a strong culture at Intenz. Our firm has a clear purpose and an ambitious goal, which we strive every day to achieve. We have formulated this in our mission and vision statements. Together with a strong set of values, they define our culture.

We make people and organizations grow – and produce passion, performance and results.

Intenz is top of mind when companies want world-class passion, performance and results.

Intenz is a values-based firm. Our set of values stems from a desire to be an attractive firm – for our clients, of course, but also for our partners and not least for ourselves. We therefore live by the following five values:

Perspective /  Performance  /  Professional  /  Passion  /  Pioneer


Camma Åstrøm-Andersen


Camma is a partner at Intenz and co-founded the firm in 2002. She has worked with organizational development since 1997 and is involved in sales, customer projects and development projects. Camma is also responsible for the in-house staff at Intenz

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 60
E-mail caa@intenz.com

Jes Graugaard


Jes is a co-founder and partner at Intenz. He has worked with people development at all levels and in practically every sector since 1988.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 40
E-mail jes@intenz.com

Mads W. Olsen


Mads is a partner at Intenz, where he has worked since 2008. He has worked with sales and people development at all organizational levels since 1998.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 34
E-mail mwo@intenz.com

Morten S. Petersen


Morten is a partner and has been with Intenz since 2007. He draws on more than 20 years’ experience in developing organizations, leaders and employees.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 57
E-mail msp@intenz.com

Rasmus Åradsson


Rasmus is a partner at Intenz and co-founded the firm in 2002. He has worked with developing corporate cultures, leadership, and sales for 20 years.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 41
E-mail rar@intenz.com

Anne Thornemann Johansen

Anne has been a consultant at Intenz since 2015, working with cultural processes, cultural surveys and teaching in sales and service.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 35
E-mail ajo@intenz.com

Camilla Visted Andersen

Camilla is a project manager responsible for the surveys in our processes. She has been with Intenz since 2017. She has an MSc in Social Science from Aalborg University, specializing in social psychology and HR.

Tlf. +45 25 44 25 78
E-mail cva@intenz.com

Charlotte Kemp Clément

Charlotte is a project coordinator at Intenz and is the natural fulcrum of our office in Lyngby. Charlotte has many years’ experience in customer service, sales support, and process optimization.

Tlf. +45 30 10 40 00
E-mail ckc@intenz.com

Daniel Aagaard Rasmussen

Daniel has been a consultant with Intenz since 2016. He has an MSc in Strategy, Organization and Management, and is instrumental on projects in which processes are supported by digital learning.

Tlf. +45 25 44 25 73
E-mail dar@intenz.com

David Nissen

David is a consultant with Intenz, specializing in sales. He primarily works with sales training and development. David has a background as a senior manager at Dansk Supermarked and a long career as a sales consultant in the FMCG segment.

Tlf. +45 27 29 10 05
E-mail dni@intenz.com

Elsebeth Wegeberg

Elsebeth has been a consultant with Intenz since 2011, focusing on leadership development, team development and culture processes on both a strategic and operational level – nationally as well as internationally.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 53
E-mail ewc@intenz.com

Gitte Riis Axelsen

Gitte is a project coordinator at Intenz and vital for keeping our office in Lystrup running smoothly. Gitte is responsible for HR and has more than 10 years’ experience in marketing and communication – abilities she puts to excellent use when organizing Intenz’ inspirational seminars.

Tlf. +45 25 44 25 76
E-mail gra@intenz.com

Lars Johannsen

Lars is a senior consultant and has been with Intenz since 2004. He has a solid foundation based on many years’ experience training salespeople and managers in all sectors. Cultural processes and surveys are also among Lars’ strengths.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 42
E-mail laj@intenz.com

Lars Lykke

Lars is a consultant at Intenz, where he develops salespeople, sales managers and sales teams through courses, training and coaching.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 49
E-mail lly@intenz.com

Michael Mortensen

Michael is a consultant, working primarily with cultural and managerial development, surveys, and sales. He has an MSc in Strategy, Organization and Management, and has comprehensive experience across a wide range of sectors.

Tlf. +45 25 44 25 70
E-mail mmo@intenz.com

Morten Hagen

Morten is a consultant and has been with Intenz since 2013. He has worked with leadership and people development for more than 10 years – including coaching hockey at elite and national team levels.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 96
E-mail mha@intenz.com

Rasmus Larsen

Rasmus Larsen is a consultant with Intenz and has worked with the development of organizations, managers and salespeople since 2009.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 55
E-mail rll@intenz.com

Rasmus Studstrup

Rasmus is a consultant with many years’ experience in sales and development. For Intenz, Rasmus has primarily focused on sales, cultural development and development of salespeople and sales managers in all sectors. He has an MSc in International Business.

Tlf. +45 25 44 25 75
E-mail rst@intenz.com

Severin Bertel Kristensen

Severin is a project manager at Intenz, where he is instrumental on projects in which processes are supported by digital learning. He has an MA in Experience Economics and has experience in project management, blended learning, media production and communication.

Tlf.+45 22 12 22 46
E-mail sbk@intenz.com

Susanne Kloster

Susanne is responsible for Intenz’ marketing and has many years’ experience in digital BtB marketing, marketing automation, lead generation and visual design.

Tlf.+45 25 44 25 72
E-mail slk@intenz.com

Søren Buchbjerg

Søren is a consultant at Intenz and has worked with sales and managerial development in the private and public sectors since 2013. He has a degree in economics and has extensive management experience from the private sector.

Tlf. +45 40 45 04 86
E-mail sbu@intenz.com

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