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Our singular goal? To nurture and develop organizations truly worth investing in, because that’s what will be needed in the future.

Ready to sculpt the future with us?


Future's winners

Day in and day out, we channel our time, funds, vitality, innovations, expertise, and heart into businesses and organizations. The bar is set high for the individual organization.

So, the question is: How does one sculpt an organization worth investing in. That people want to invest themselves in – without preying on themselves.

Those who master this, creating a haven where people willingly invest their trust and efforts, are the winners of the future.Understandably, it’s not just about impressive results.


We empower people and communities to go beyond when it really matters


A world with more organizations worth investing in


Passion – Professional – Performance – Perspective – Pioneer

More than results

We need to create results together – but it’s not enough. It’s about more than that. We must create sustainable development of your organization in a way where the individual is a part of it. The whole individual.

We need to thrive and have fun along the way. Otherwise, the goal is irrelevant. People who are happy and feel good create better results. Research shows that clearly.

Should your organization be worth investing in also in the future? Then you will need to involve the whole human being in getting there. So now the question is: How do you become more worth investing in?

We will help you find the way – whether it is through development of sales, better ladership or a stronger culture.

The insights we live by

We live of our brains. Presumably just like you. Therefore, we pay attention to what we put into our heads. At Intenz we are always evolving. We are eternally curious about our field and read books, articles and the latest research, which we translate into practice, tangible tools and concrete initiatives. It’s in our blood.
We absorb new knowledge and new insights – because they are the ones we live by. This and our +20 years of experience is what we bring into play when we help you cross the finish line. And we do.

Get to know us

Camma Åstrøm-Andersen

Camma is a partner at Intenz and co-founded the firm in 2002. She has worked with organizational development since 1997 and is involved in marketing, communication, sales, and development projects.

Phone +45 22 12 22 60
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Jes Graugaard

Jes is a co-founder and partner at Intenz. He has worked with people development at all levels and in practically every sector since 1988.

Phone +45 22 12 22 40
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Mads W. Olsen

Mads is a partner at Intenz, where he has worked since 2008. He has worked with people development at all organizational levels since 1998.

Phone +45 22 12 22 34
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Morten S. Petersen

Morten is a partner and has been employed at Intenz since 2007. He draws on over 20 years of experience in developing organizations, leaders, and employees.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 57
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Rasmus Åradsson

Rasmus is a partner at Intenz and was instrumental in establishing the company in 2002. He has worked with the development of corporate culture, leadership, and sales for 20 years.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 41
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Camilla Visted Andersen

Camilla is a project manager responsible for our analytics activities such as surveys and assessments in our processes. Camilla has been working at Intenz since 2017. She holds a degree in sociology with a specialization in social psychology and HR from Aalborg University.

Tlf. +45 25 44 25 78
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Charlotte Kemp Clément

Charlotte is a coordinator at Intenz and serves as a natural focal point for our office in Lyngby. Charlotte has many years of experience in customer service, sales support, and process optimization.

Tlf. +45 30 10 40 00
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Dennis Harløv Madsen

Dennis has worked with sales for many years and has strong experience in value-creating processes with customers. At Intenz, Dennis primarily focuses on developing customer relationships and contributing to the analysis work in customer processes.

Tlf. +45 26 27 16 48
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Lars Lykke

Lars is a consultant and works with the development and coaching of leaders and teams at all levels. He has worked across various industries both domestically and internationally.

Tlf. +45 25 44 25 74
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Lars Johannsen

Lars is a senior consultant and has been with Intenz since 2004. He has a solid foundation with many years of experience training salespeople and leaders across all industries. Cultural processes and surveys are also some of Lars' strong suits.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 42
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Gitte Riis Axelsen

Gitte is a coordinator at Intenz and is the central pivot at our office in Lystrup. Gitte oversees the HR department and contributes to our marketing and communication.

Tlf. +45 25 44 25 76
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Maiken Piester-Stolpe

Maiken is a project manager in our analysis team at Intenz. She holds a degree from Roskilde University and is passionate about fostering well-being, performance, and development in organizations.

Tlf. +45 40 88 25 52
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Michael Kaalby Mortensen

Michael is a partner at Intenz and is responsible for our marketing and Customer Experience. He holds a cand.merc degree in strategy, organization, and leadership and has extensive experience across various industries.

Tlf. +45 25 44 25 70
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Michael Raahauge

Michael is a consultant and has worked with sales, management, and strategy for over 25 years. In addition to having been the CEO and Sales Director in several companies, he has also been an external lecturer at Aarhus University for 20 years.

Tlf. +45 81 40 37 85
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Morten Hagen

Michael is a consultant and has worked with sales, management, and strategy for over 25 years. In addition to having been the CEO and Sales Director in several companies, he has also been an external lecturer at Aarhus University for 20 years.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 96
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Rasmus Faber Studstrup

Rasmus is a partner and has been working with development and training of sales organizations since 2015. He has experience as a VP of sales in the Software as a Service sector and has expertise in developing sales organizations across various industries.

Tlf. +45 31 22 20 24
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Rasmus Larsen

Rasmus Larsen is a partner at Intenz and has, since 2009, been involved in the development of organizations, leaders, and salespeople in both Danish and international companies.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 55
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Severin Bertel Kristensen

Severin is a project manager at Intenz, where he is one of the key roles when processes are supported by digital learning. He has experience in project management, blended learning, media production, and communication.

Tlf. +45 22 12 22 46
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Steffen Vestergaard

Steffen is a junior consultant and supports our processes in commercial development. He is among the first graduates of the brand new M.Sc. in Sales and Marketing from Aalborg University and has concurrently worked in sales in both B2B and B2C organizations across various sectors

Tlf. +45 31 44 38 26
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Associated partners

Mads Winther

Mads is an associate partner and has 20 years of experience in sales management and implementation of sales strategy. He has worked with the development of people and sales at all levels and in virtually every industry.

Tlf. +45 20 14 71 72
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Associated consultants

Jesper Schwartz

Jesper Schwarz has 15 years of experience from corporate HR, particularly with leadership development, leadership consultation, and teams, design of HR architecture and concept development.

Tlf. +45 21 25 93 98
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Christina Lund-Jacobsen

Christina has 20 years of experience as an external and internal consultant. Most recently as Head of Learning in one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.

Tlf. +45 51 56 08 50
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Kim Tingleff Bruun

Kim Bruun has extensive experience from the largest companies, both in Denmark and internationally, with sales management., development of structures and systems that support sales processes and tools.

Tlf. +45 21 70 01 51
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Claus Allerup

Claus has many years experience from both Danish and international companies - and has taught more than 7,000 people. Teaches with a focus on culture and behavior within leadership as well as communication between people.

Tlf. +45 40 50 36 39
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Mads Elk

For over 20 years, Mads has helped companies in areas of management, collaboration, sales, motivation, and communication. Mads also works as a Network Director in the knowledge network F5.

Tlf. +45 24 88 86 18
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What changes do we want to achieve together?

Behaviors translate into actions, and actions define culture. Remember, culture eats strategy for breakfast. Reach out to us and share the transformations you envision – we’ll pave the way together.