Case story

Enemærke & Petersen feels the pulse of their culture

If you already have a good culture, why not go for a great one?


After having fine-tuned the vision of “creating a remarkable company together”, Enemærke and Petersen A/S was ready for the next step and take a closer look at a – by the way – strong and good culture. The purpose was to clarify where improvement could be made. And at the same time also to clarify where they were already strong.

Although senior management had a good feeling of how things were going, there was still a need to make it more concrete. Both to be able to develop the right places, but just as much to ensure a uniform picture in the management team of where the efforts should be made, and to be able to track every progress giving an opportunity to celebrate the successes.

Target group

All leaders and employees of the organization.

Process flow

To succeed with this ambitious vision, it required a winning culture that could lead to increased growth and performance. Even though Enemærke and Petersen was already very successful, the top management considered it to be crucial to reach an even higher level and perform even better in order to achieve the vision. That’s why culture was put on top of the agenda in E&P.

The vision
The vision had to be more than nice words – it had to make sense to every employee and live throughout the organization. In other words, the vision had to be backed up by the culture. E&P had already run regular employee satisfaction surveys – but it wasn’t enough. There was a need to measure more than just well-being, so that management could focus on where the efforts should be made to become a high performance organization.

Culture Survey
The Culture Survey is an overall assessment of the company’s ability to perform on both the business and the human aspects. It was therefore possible to show exactly where E&P should develop – both in the short and long term – to create more growth.

With the results in hand, the focus areas were clear, and the next step was now obvious to the entire management team. It should be added that the results were as expected by both the management team and our consultants – but now the management team had it black on white and could see where they were strong and less strong. In this way, it also became clear where the resources should be put in.

The culture survey has also given E&P a benchmark to compare the further process with. How far can we go? And what has happened since the last survey? With the survey, the focus areas have been clarified and E&P is ready to take the next step towards a world-class culture. And the drive of being able to celebrate any progress must be taken advantage of to keep the process going and ensure continued progress.

Intenz tools to achieve the objective


1 / Strong vision, mission, and values:
To create a strong culture, it is crucial to have a contemporary, present and current vision, as well as a mission and a set of values that support the objectives. The vision had to make sense for all business areas and was therefore the subject of dialogue and development before the organization was ready for a culture survey.

2 / You don’t have to be sick to get better:
Not entirely an Intenz tool, but the attitude that E&P has put forth about wanting to perform even better is absolutely terrific – and creates a foundation for fantastic results. Retaining the areas where you are strong and improving the areas where you are less strong requires hard work and strong intensity.

3 / The survey showed the necessary areas of action:
With the culture survey, the starting point was established, and it became clear which areas required development. In this way, the management could focus on and spend time and resources in the right places. With a focus on continuous improvement, our most important task was to ensure that both leaders and employees understood the purpose and meaning of it. The foundation for further development in E&P was now in place.


The results from the survey showed a very good culture. For a first-time survey, it’s some of the best we’ve seen in Intenz to date. Nevertheless, the survey also showed several areas with improvement potential, which already during this first year were beginning to develop even further.