How Managing Director, Anette Kalle, created a strong leadership team in record time

Picture of Mads W. Olsen

Mads W. Olsen


When you listen to the story of what Anette Kalle, Managing Director in the frozen bakery business part of Lantmännen Unibake Danmark, was facing when she was given the post a few years ago, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. It was a huge task!

The company was to be divided into 2 units, corporate expected growth and increased earnings, setting a new management team, designing a new strategy at the same time as the business was going on in full speed, re-establishing head office, adapting the organization and defining the roles and competencies of the future , creating or re-creating corporate identity… just to mention the most important elements.

Where did Anette start, how did she approach it and what was the outcome – you can hear more about all that in this interview with Anette Kalle.